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Solar homes pay 30% less for power than non-solar homes, even while using more.

Solar homes are already showing us that they can be better than traditional homes regarding energy efficiency. New research shows that homes with solar panels may also pay 30% less for power every month than homes without solar panels.

The study, conducted by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), looked at 2,200 homes in 14 US states and found that the monthly power bills for solar homes were 30% lower than those of non-solar homes.

This is even though solar households use around 5% more electricity every month than non-solar houses. The study also noted that because the average solar home used 30% more power everywhere, they offset the energy generated by their panels. If they didn’t use their solar-generated electricity, they would have hooked them to the grid.

Solar Power on the Roof of house

Solar homes are more energy-efficient.

Than non-solar homes, the study also found that solar households used around 45% less electricity during the winter months and 60% more power in the summer months than non-solar houses.

This allows them to be heavily energy efficient during the colder, darker periods of the year and significantly save their monthly bills. Solar panels pay off in Newcastle.

We wanted to highlight that Solar Power System is beneficial for the grid, which has enormous implications for renewable energy policies and how we pay people back for their investment in solar. On average, a solar home consumes 30% more electricity than a household without panels.

Solar homes use less electricity.

Because they have no grid power, solar homes in Newcastle can profit from feeding back into the grid at peak times. The authors attribute this effect to an increase in consumer energy awareness that comes with owning a panel.

This means that households may be less likely to sell electricity back to the grid at peak times and more likely to avoid peak periods of electricity consumption, resulting in higher power bills. This is important because price signals are an essential driver of energy conservation that can cut carbon emissions from the electricity sector by up to 30%.

The study did not look into what proportion of homes with solar panel systems had battery storage capacity. Battery technology is rapidly changing, and we expect that we will see significant changes in the next few years in this area.

They also get the power they need from the sun, so there’s no pollution or risk of blackouts.

You don’t need to worry about blackouts if you have a Solar power system installed at your Newcastle home, either. Our older models are designed to power all of your appliances during a blackout or storm.

It is also likely that homes with solar panels use less electricity overall than those without because they produce most of their energy for free during the day when it is most expensive.

This means that the savings you make buying your solar panels will be more substantial than if you waited 20 years. You can expect to see savings of 30% on your electricity bills compared to non-solar homes.

Solar Power is Clean

In particular, renewable energy, Solar Power provides clean, sustainable power that significantly benefits the environment. When electricity is generated by coal-fired plants fueled by non-renewable resources like oil or natural gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere, decreasing air quality and contributing to global warming. This is known as emissions, which has had a damaging effect on the earth’s ecology.

Installing Solar Power Saves Money

A lot of people think that solar power panels are expensive. While this was true in the past, today is very different. Thanks to government subsidies and tax breaks, installing Solar Power Panels on your Newcastle home has never been more affordable.

Additionally, thanks to ever dropping prices (helped along by companies like Newcastle Solar Power), the cost of solar power is only going to go down further. This means that once your solar system is installed, you will start seeing lower electricity bills each month.

This is because Newcastle Solar Power offers some of the lowest rates on their home and business panels in Australia! So if you want to save even more money on your power bills, get started right away with a free home assessment.

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Solar Power Installation

Solar Power is Dependable Newcastle

When you invest in Solar Power, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us (flooding, lightning storms or even earthquakes), you can rely on Solar Power to keep providing electricity. With non-renewable resources like coal and natural gas, you always have to worry about the costs and environmental impact.

Solar power is not limited in this way. Solar Power offers several ways to make going solar tremendously affordable. The first and most important one is that they provide long term pricing on their panels. This means that the price you pay per watt will remain the same, no matter what happens in terms of electricity prices.

So even if power prices go up drastically due to the ever-increasing cost of coal and natural gas, you won’t have to worry about your panels costing you more than they should. It also means that if electricity prices go down under a new government pricing scheme, then you will be saving money on your power bills – even more than before – since you will pay for less wattage.