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Newcastle Solar Power: High-Quality Solutions to More Homes and Businesses

Newcastle Solar Power is the leading solar retailer in Newcastle. Our goal is to provide renewable energy solutions and high-quality solar systems to save our valued customers money on their bills.

We are proud of our beautiful area’s work towards a cleaner future while saving you as much money as possible with every system installed. With a quality system and workmanship guarantee, your home or business will be happier and more power-efficient than ever before!

We Install Solar Panels In Newcastle

Newcastle Solar Power installers on top of the residential house

We offer the latest in solar technology, including a warranty that provides peace of mind for our customers. Every one of our solar systems is designed to maximize the energy output and savings through innovative engineering techniques.

We carry out an in-depth assessment before installing any system so you can be confident about what your investment will deliver long term. We save you money with every system installed by charging the lowest rates in Newcastle and providing a quality system with a quality guarantee.


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    Faster Installation Times

    Newcastle Solar Power prides itself on providing a quality system from the ground up, with the fastest installation times in Newcastle. It means that your new solar energy system is on track to produce more power for you and generate savings faster than before!

    We can have your system running in a fraction of the time using our innovative engineering techniques.

    Newcastle Solar Power Quality Promise

    several solar panels installed in an open space

    Greater Efficiency Than Ever Before

    We offer great benefits like our quality guarantee- which aims to give customers peace of mind about their long-term investment. Our systems are designed so they provide maximum output and savings too. Keep an eye out for our incentives as well – we’ll help make sure you get the most bang for your buck when it comes time to install!

    bright sun shinning bright on a ground mounted solar panels

    Customer Service And Unmatched Technical Abilities

    Newcastle Solar Power customer care team can help you with any questions or queries, from installation to aftercare. It includes informing you about our workmanship guarantee and its benefits for your solar system investment long term. We want all of our customers to be happy with their decision when they choose Newcastle Solar Power – so we make sure that every customer is well informed before signing up!

    Newcastle Solar power is also technologically advanced in ways that many other companies cannot match; this means you’ll get efficient electricity production at a time when efficiency matters most. With more powerful panels than ever before powering your house, this can mean more significant savings on each bill, too, over time!

    Unbeatable Value

    Given our vast supplier discounts, you’ll always get unbeatable value at Newcastle Solar Power. The more panels we install for you, the cheaper your electricity will be compared to other suppliers – giving our customers a better return on investment than ever before!

    Our solar energy systems are also made with quality materials and workmanship guarantees that ensure long-term reliability of both power production and maintenance costs. We guarantee this through to aftercare, which includes informing all of our customers about our warranty policies beforehand so they can make an informed decision before signing up.


      Newcastle Solar Power Google Reviews and Trust Badge

      Your Local Solar Panel Company in Newcastle

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