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Newcastle Solar Power is a company that supplies and install the best solar batteries in the market. We are known to supply the best solar power storage systems that are made of high-quality components. We have all types of solar batteries for sale at affordable prices and designs that fit your budget.
The Solar Batteries can either be purchased or installed by our experts. They come with warranties at attractive prices, so you do not have to go to any other supplier. Contact us now for more information.


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    What are solar batteries?

    Solar batteries are power storage units that are used in conjunction with solar power. They help store energy harnessed from the sun for use during evenings, cloudy weather, or when there isn’t enough light to make electricity. Even though it has been around for a while, lots of people do not understand how it works and why it is important to have one installed.
    Solar batteries are devices designed to collect power created by the photovoltaic cells of your solar system. These cells can produce electricity even on an overcast day because they convert sunlight into electrical current, which is then saved in these batteries until you need them. So as long as you give some time each day where there is light, whether direct or indirect, the battery will never die out.

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    Types of solar batteries

    There are two types of solar batteries to choose from. The first is the flooded solar battery with removable caps on its cells. This rechargeable piece is made out of lead acid and can be easily recycled after its lifespan.
    Then there is the sealed valve regulated lead acid or VRLA batteries, which are also known as gel cell, that do not require maintenance. This makes them more suitable for remote areas where you do not want to worry about adding water every once in a while.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of using solar batteries

    1. It cuts down on your monthly electricity bills, especially if you have a power backup unit already installed in your house or office building. The money you spend on buying batteries will be recouped from the amount of money you save from not being dependent on the mains grid and the amount that your local utility company charges for using their service.
    2. Solar batteries can help in stabilizing an influx of energy when it is not needed. And at moments when there is excess supply, it can greatly reduce how much energy is sent back to the national grid, thereby avoiding fees associated with sending such large amounts of power.
    The disadvantage associated with the use of solar batteries is that they are quite expensive to purchase, and implementing them into your grid system can be quite complicated. However, these disadvantages can easily be offset by the benefits that come with using such a technology.

    A set of solar panels

    Solar battery power packs and the future of renewable energy storage

    The future of renewable energy storage is looking good with the advancements in solar battery power packs. With these new finds, a lot of people are becoming interested in ways they can create a sustainable energy source for their homes and business. Solar panel kits have been extremely popular because of homeowners’ positive impact on their bills immediately after installation.
    This technology has been around since the 1970s, but recently, with all the talk about renewable energy sources being our saving grace from foreign oil dependence, it has really become a topic worth discussing again. A lot of people who live off-the-grid find that they do not require conventional grid power to keep them going during normal circumstances. But what happens when something unexpected happens? That is where storage batteries come in handy!

    Why Choose Us?

    We are a company that ensures that we supply and install only quality batteries back to you. We are a company that ensures that our prices are affordable and competitive to all customers. We are a company that delivers superior products with an excellent warranty to offer the best value on the market.
    Needless, your house is powered by clean energy captured by solar panels without using any electricity from your local utility provider. It seems like all of the hard work has finally paid off! You have finally made it!!! Well, not quite! All of this will mean nothing if you have no way of storing this energy for those cloudy days or even at night when there is no sunlight available for recharging these batteries back up again! A problem arises when you would require power when there may be none available because of weather conditions. This is where Newcastle Solar Power comes in! Call us today!


      Newcastle Solar Power Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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