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Solar Panels Warners Bay - Local Solar Power Specialists

Solar panels are increasingly popular for Australians to reduce the costs of their energy supplies. Solar Panel’s Warner’s Bay can help you decide which solar panels would be best in your home.

Solar Power in Warner's Bay: Compare Prices and Installers

team of Warner Bay Solar Panel professionals installing the solar panel

Solar Panels Warner’s Bay is here to help you find the best panels and solar panel installers for the best possible price for you.

In Australia, 15% of homes already have some solar panels installed with an average size of 4.5 kW. This percentage is increasing and for excellent reason! The fact that homes in Warner’s Bay get over 4.5 hours of peak sunshine each day, the solar panel is a perfect way of providing your home with some or most of its energy supply. Solar panel systems are usually around 80% efficient, which means that they can provide incredible amounts of home energy.

For example:

A 1.5kW system will produce about 5.76kWh of power if conditions are favourable.
A 3kW system produces about 11.52kWh per day.
A 5kW system produces about 19.2kWh per day.
a 10kW system produces about 38.4kWh per day.

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    Installing Solar Panels in Warner's Bay

    Because there are so many options for solar panels, Solar Panels Warner’s Bay will help you choose the equipment you need and decide which options to go for. Setting up photovoltaic systems can be straightforward, though it does take a while. Sometimes there are delays due to permits as it can take a bit in certain areas. You may need to arrange appointments with a roofer, solar engineers, installers, and utility companies before you are granted a permit. If you get all your documentation ready in advance, this will make the whole process run a lot more smoothly. Of course, you must have the funds ready for the project too!

    expert solar panel professional installing the solar panel

    Choosing an Installer

    Your solar panel installer will know everything you need to know about the battery performance of your chosen panels. It is essential to select a company that is reputable and reliable, such as ourselves. We have a team of experts who ensures that the process is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

    Ground mounted solar panels recieving good amount of sunlight

    The amount of sunlight

    Being a resident of Warner’s Bay, you will not be surprised by the fact that it enjoys lots of sunshine! However, it is also no surprise that the sun is at its peak in the summer months. In addition to this, the size of solar panels that you choose will dictate how much sunlight you can harness.

    Polycrystalline types of solar panels installation Warner Bay


    It has never been cheaper for a solar panel systems installation. Each installation used to be around $25-30,000! Nowadays, you can get a 5kWh system for about $6,250! Working with Solar Panels Warner’s Bay, you can be sure you will receive the best possible price. Our company is committed to our affordable installation costs.

    Solar panel systems are cheaper than they have ever been before. Every installation cost between $25,000-$30,000, but now it costs around $6,250 to install a system operating at 5kWh. Working with Cardiff Solar Panels Installers, homeowners will receive competitive prices as we are committed to providing an affordable installation process.

    How to Solar Panels Works, Warner, QLD

    For most people, solar power is something with which they have some basic knowledge already. However, it has often been out of the reach of most due to cost. Nowadays, solar technology has made significant improvements and has become much more affordable. The systems are more effective at converting solar energy to numerous applications. As a result, you need to choose an installer who provides the best and latest market products so that the technology you install is high-quality and up to date.

    The science and technology behind solar power are straightforward to understand, even for non-scientists. The panels absorb the sunlight in photovoltaic cells. It generates DC (direct current) and converts it into energy usable as AC (alternating current) using Inverter Technology. The AC flows through the system and distributes itself to your power outlets, supplying the home with electricity and even hot water, depending on the system.

    The systems do not have to have full sunshine to work. They can also work on cloudy days; they may not produce as much energy. They cannot produce energy at nighttime as they need some sunlight to work. As a result, most homes stay connected to Australia’s National Grid. Staying connected gives you the advantage of selling on the excess electricity that you generate back to the National Grid too!

    Having a net meter when you install your panels will allow you to learn how much energy your solar battery generates and how much your home can produce. It will let you work out how much you sell back to the National Grid.

    When installing solar panels on a residential property, you should consider using a net meter to learn the amount of energy that the solar panel battery generates, how much gets consumed by your property, and how much you feedback to the national grid.

    bright sunlight reflecting the solar panel on the roof
    solar energy system and roof panel installation
    roof top installation give you ‘free’ energy for many years to come.
    small area roof top solar panel system installation

    How to Solar Panels Works, Warner, QLD

    Warner’s Bay is a great area to invest in solar power. Here is why.

    rooftop solar panel with a clear & bright sky

    1. Warner's Bay is a sunny place to be.

    Warner’s Bay receives solar irradiation levels at an average of 4.44 kWh per square metre each day. So, it’ll be of no surprise to residents that solar panels are a great idea in this sunny Australian spot. There is an average amount of 220 sunny days every year, which is a lot of energy that you can benefit from! Jumping on the solar bandwagon is a great idea. Clean energy because you happen to live in a sunny place? What is not to like about that?

    solar panel system installed in the whole roof property

    2. Federal Government Incentives

    Residents in Warner’s Bay can benefit from government incentives in installing solar panels. For example, you could join the SRES, which stands for the Small-scale Renewable 1 Scheme. As a part of this scheme, households and small businesses are persuaded to install a renewable energy system and, in doing so, can benefit by contributions to the costs. This scheme will mean that the system’s instalment is partially covered, and you will also benefit from reduced electricity bills.

    Rooftop Solar Panel System installation in Warner Bay

    3. Affordable in Warner's Bay

    In Warner’s Bay, solar power is very much affordable. The fact that there is so much sunlight means that your home can be kept running by the electricity you produce, and you will have significantly reduced energy bills. In time, your solar power system will have paid for itself and will continue to give you ‘free’ energy for many years to come.

    Warner Bay Ground mounted solar panels

    4. Attractive returns for Warner's Bay homes

    Solar panels add tremendous value to your home, and you can view them as an extension to your property. The cost of installing solar panels and improving your home’s energy efficiency adds excellent monetary value to your home, and, as such, they can be seen as an investment. When you think of moving home, they are a great feature that gives your home a remarkable saleable quality.

    Ground mounted solar panels installed in Warner Bay

    5. Energy independence is within reach.

    Generating your energy at home gives you a great sense of achievement and gratification. It feels good to sustain your home with an energy you have made yourself in the same way that you feel pleasure if growing your food in an allotment or vegetable plot.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panel's Warner's Bay

    Is there much needed in the way of maintenance of solar panels?

    Your solar panel system will not require much to maintain at all. In the past, some solar panel manufacturers advised buyers to clean them every couple of years to ensure that they continued to work optimally. But, today, most experts would agree that you do not need to maintain them in this way now. They should still operate well, even if they are a little dirty.

    Will I need electricity off the National Grid?

    It will depend on your solar panel system capacity. Homeowners with solar panels generate varying amounts of electricity. However, most properties will still need to receive some electricity from the national grid to compensate for any shortfall in energy, such as nighttime or winter when there is not as much sunlight. Solar systems can generate excess energy, which you could sell back to the national grid when you do not use it, which will help with your costs when you need to buy back energy from the national grid.

    Is now a good time to buy solar panels?

    Many people are tempted to wait a while and see if the solar power system prices drop down even further. However, this may not work out that much of a saving in the long run. Energy prices are high now and are predicted to continue increasing. Solar power costs have never been lower. The costs of solar power in most Australian cities now sit lower than the retail prices for grid power! It means, in all essence, that now is an excellent time to invest in solar panels and harness the sun’s energy to power your home.

    Do I need solar panels in Warner's Bay?

    Yes! Installing solar panels in Warner’s Bay is something you should significantly consider! Homeowners with solar panel systems can save as much as $400 each year per kW of solar energy produced. If you install an 8kW system, you can save up to around $3,400 a year! It is also possible to add more solar panels to your system later. It may be necessary if you increase your energy consumption.


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